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Interview with Teresa Kuhn on Radio 1370

Austin, Texas Febuary, 16 2014

"Addiction: What To Do When Everything Else Fails."

Bruce Alexander addressing the Royal Society of Arts in London.



22 March 2011






Interview with Jari Chevalier on "Living Hero"

Bruce Alexander is a featured guest on the Living Hero show 28 January 2011, with host, Jari Chevalier:



Ted and Nora Sterling Prize for Controversy

This is my acceptance speech for the Ted and Nora Sterling Prize for Controversy, awarded in Vancouver's Wosk Centre, 2007


JoyTV Video





Scotland Futures Forum with Margaret Hannah and Anthony Hodgson


This is a seminar at the Scotland Futures Forum with Margaret Hannah and Anthony Hodgson in Aberdour Scotland.  The seminar (this is one of 9 sections) took place in Aberdour Scotland in 2008." View all videos here.

Interview with Dean Becker on "Cultural Baggage"

Interviewed by Dean Becker on "Cultural Baggage", a radio show that opposes the War on Drugs, broadcast from Texas

City of Vancouver Prevention Conference

"Great Expectations and a Reservation." Plenary presentation to Four Pillars Drug Strategy, City of Vancouver Prevention Conference, 17 November 2009.

Addicted to Oil?

Interviewed by Alex Smith on Radio Ecoshock, "Addicted to Oil".

Addiction: A Hopeful Prophecy From a Time of Despair

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Healing Addiction Through Community: A Much Longer Road Than it Seems?

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Rat Park vs. The NY Times

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New Revision of "The Rise and Fall of the Official View of Addiction"

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Addiction, Environmental Crisis, and Global Capitalism

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Listen to Bruce Alexander
speak with David Crowe on
"The Infectious Myth" 

Dealing with Addiction